Graffiti Artists Create Wine Labels for French Winery.

8 Awesome graffiti artists got together in France to collaborate on an interesting project for French Winery Cave Fin Bec. The goal was to work on independent pieces to be eventually converted as wine labels. Each of them brought a very cool unique style to the table. Among the contributing countries; South Africa, Switzerland, the UK, New Zealand, Japan and the United States. My favourite end piece were tied from Esow (Japan) and Revok1(US). For more on the project go here and check out the video below.

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About Colm Hogan

Publisher/Chief Contributor to Digitized Graffiti; a blog devoted to pop, youth & underground culture. I also write, direct, design & take pictures. Author of Crack Whore Pickup. Directed Matatu Express. My latest film is called Back To The Zone, and is all about Toronto's iconic nightclub The Twilight Zone, and the history of House music.
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