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Beyond The Fallen Tower of David: Why Ending the Homeless Crisis in Toronto is in Everyone’s Best Interest.

Anyone familiar with the third Season of Homeland may remember lead character Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, finding himself in a decrepid highrise somewhere in Venezuala. What you might not know is that there is such a place, and … Continue reading

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My Rules :: Underground Shooter Drops New Book Feat. Old School Skate, Hip Hop + Punk Culture.

It’s a rare thing to be at the epicentre of a new subculture. It’s an unpredictable, sometimes dangerous place, filled with a raw, seemingly uncontrollable energy. Yet somehow photographer Glen E. Friedman managed to be there. First as a 14 … Continue reading

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Picturing the Ghost in the Machine: Pixel Drifting, Data Bending & Glitch Art.

Like ghosts captured on digital film between worlds, somewhere between the past, the present and the future, these are the haunting snapshots of transitionary moments that we were never meant to see. Straight out of the playbook of a William … Continue reading

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Natalie Sharp :: Makeup Artist Face Paints Awesome Album Covers.

In honour of last Saturday’s Record Store Day, Natalie Sharp paid tribute the only way she knows how; by using her own face as a canvas. Sharp is a London area, award winning makeup artist that specializes in face and … Continue reading

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Nudity, Nature & Sparklers :: Inside The World of Photographer Ryan McGinley.

I think the first time I discovered the work of Ryan McGinley was within the pages of Vice about ten years ago. I was immediately struck by his signature style. They were all pretty raw, unpolished shots of young people, … Continue reading

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Before They Pass Away :: Photographer Captures Breathtaking Pictures of Disappearing Indigenous Tribes.

It’s sometimes too easy to be seduced by technology. Most of us live in a world bombarded with advertisements that try to convince us we need the latest phone, flatscreen tv or any number of other shiny new accessories. But … Continue reading

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Finding Vivian Maier :: New Doc Uncovers Secret Street Shooter.

I first wrote about Vivian Maier in a previous post several years ago. Maier worked as a live in nanny for well heeled Chicago families in tony neighborhoods. There was nothing all that remarkable about her profession; it was what … Continue reading

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