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Archer Shoots a Bull’s Eye.

I skimmed over an episode of Archer a while back, but only now have I had the time to peruse the series, and it is excellent. Animated characters that all work at a spy agency, and just about everyone drinks … Continue reading

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Bjork Reflects on Television.

Stumbled on this old clip of Bjork on Icelandic TV, reflecting on why she used to be afraid of television, but learned to embrace it. And why we should never let poets lie to us. Amazing. Watch it only if … Continue reading

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Sasha Grey Hits Entourage.

This week’s Entourage had Sasha Grey getting intimate with the lead. Everybody’s favorite crossover actress (a seasoned, home-schooled and literate pornstar, who has since starred in Steven Soderbergh’s Girlfriend Experience). Great interview with her here. The show also had cameos … Continue reading

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Valley Girls Get Re-Visited

Like, Oh My God! Whatever? Totally! If you’ve ever used any of those words, you have the valley girl to thank. This phenomenon was based out of the San Fernando Valley, and popularized by Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl” which featured … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Time Kaleidoscope.

I was on my way home from work late the other night. The evening was still pretty warm, but driving down the late night empty streets, with the windows down, there was a really nice breeze. It was one of … Continue reading

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Entourage Vs. Party Down

Due to the recent news of the untimely death of Party Down I thought I’d talk about the two shows that are a wonderful window into the crazy world of Hollywood. Entourage is about a bunch of young kids from … Continue reading

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Why The Knife Cuts Deep.

I just discovered this video from a friend the other day and thought I would share it. Why? The concept for it involves a tranny singing a trippy, banging tune in a football lodge in Sweden of all places. How … Continue reading

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The Whitest Kids U’Know: Politicking Hijinx.

As Toronto gears up for the G20 summit that has basically transformed the downtown core into a police state, I thought I would dedicate a post to politics. The following clip is a spoof on the advertisements that get American … Continue reading

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4 Moments of Soul Train Boogie Awesomeness.

Soul Train was a music themed show from Chicago that had it’s premiere run in 1970 and continued for 35 years to be one of the longest running syndicated tv shows. It featured soul, hip hop, r & b, funk, … Continue reading

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Justifiably Justified.

With the inevitable end of 2 of the greatest shows in television history (Lost, 24), comes a scary void. Fear not, though, fellow television addicts, for there are at least 2 higher quality shows to look out for. Justified and … Continue reading

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Top Ten Dramatic TV Shows of All Time

In no particular order. I`m going to compile a seperate list for comedy, as it deserves it`s own category. Disclaimer – This is my opinion, and may differ from yours, so please don’t get mad. I’ve included some shows that … Continue reading

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Top Twelve Comedic TV Shows of All Time

*UPDATE* – Thanks to being featured on Freshly Pressed, this post has gone viral. Thanks for visiting everyone; I love reading all of your comments and suggestions. Be sure also to check out the rest of the site, I’ve got … Continue reading

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