The Secret Life of Vivian Maier. (Documentary)

A few years ago, 26 year old John Maloof bought several boxes of prints at a Chicago auction house. They contained hundreds of rolls and prints from a mysterious woman named Vivian Maier. Not much is known about her except that she was French and worked as a live-in nanny for about 40 years in the Chicago area until her death in 2009. Now that same man is curating her amazing legacy of incredible photographs. Here is the amazing story.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Vivian Maier. (Documentary)

  1. Thanks for sharing! This really was a great story. I want an exhibition to hurry and come to Paris so I can see more of the work. Great photography that I could look at for hours. I love all the 50’s photos.

    They must not have traced any of her children or relatives. I’m sure they would want her belongings and rites.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by… yeah I think they had trouble finding out who she was, where she came from, and who she was related to… I’m pretty sure she didn’t have any kids of her own… It’s really too bad she passed away before all of this happened. Funny how artists tend to be unappreciated until they pass away. Although there is also a theory out there that she was quire reclusive, and may not have enjoyed the fame or attention. Fascinating story nonetheless… you never know what you will find in garage sales…

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