New Trailer: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. (Film)

Let’s face it – Hollywood has a long tradition of not only re-interpreting perfectly good European films, it often also completely misses the mark when doing so. Movies like Point of No Return (a re-make of the incredible French thriller La Femme Nikita) is but one example of many. Despite all historical evidence to suggest the contrary though, this new trailer for the first of Stieg Larsson‘s trilogy looks very promising, and indeed may very well be my favourite trailer of the year so far. It is masterful in terms of editing, building in intensity and works well with the chosen music track (a re-mix of Led Zeppelin‘s Immigrant Song courtesy of Trent Reznor & Karen O). Guaranteed to make your hairs stand on end.


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4 thoughts on “New Trailer: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. (Film)

  1. Hey, great trailer! I blogged about this too when the trailer first leaked. I wanted to add to your list, a film called “Let the Right One In” which was made in Norway. It released in 2008 but then two years later Hollywood comes along and makes “Let Me In” a complete remake of the European film. Hollywood loves to get its hands on other people’s good material. Anyway pleasure reading your stuff, I agree that this new film ‘Dragon Tattoo’ looks very promising. In the hands of the great David Fincher I think we will be pleased.

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