True Skin: Futuristic Red Light District Cyborgs Get Frisky. (Film)

Imagine a world in a not too distant future where people augment themselves, not with silicone and botox, but with technology instead. A world where to be a mere human is not only less envious, it’s widely discriminated against. That’s the world we’re presented with in the remarkable film True Skin. Directed by Stephan Zlotescu and featuring music by J-Punch. Visually stunning. Check it out below.

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2 thoughts on “True Skin: Futuristic Red Light District Cyborgs Get Frisky. (Film)

  1. Reblogged this on Unsocially Social and commented:
    I saw this and thought of my Social Media Arts Class. We have been reading about Transmedia and living through online worlds. I think that video makes those thoughts and ideas come to alive in a real life situation. Interesting.

    1. Hey, thanks for the re-blog & comment.
      Also wanted to let you know you were my 500th follower, so I wanted to
      personally thank you for your support. Respect!

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