Classic Punk Rock Pix From Sheila Rock. (Music Culture)


Sheila Rock is an American born photographer that was around during the birth of punk in the UK and was able to capture some pretty stunning photos of the burgeoning movement.

From Dangerous Minds:

Nevermind those sterile museum retrospectives, First Third Books has just published Punk+, a gorgeous new coffee table monograph featuring Sheila Rock’s documentation of the formative London punk scene. Although many of the faces are familiar, the emphasis on punk as a youth culture, as a tribe, makes this a welcome departure from many other books of punk era photography. These shots are from when the participants were still really young and Rock’s intimate images haven’t lost any of their power from being overused (85 to 90% of the photographs are unseen according to her estimate).

Check out some more of her work below, and go here to buy her new book.




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