Fallen Leaves & Fresh New Vibes :: Genius + Mr Lies.

mister lies - flood you

I just went up North for the last weekend of the summer. Yesterday, I got up just after Dawn, and eased myself into the cold clear lake waters for the last time, my feet slipping on smooth stones before I dived in completely, swimming quickly out to the small moored wooden dock about a hundred metres out. I climbed up and sat there with my feet in the water and looked out onto the lake. I knew it was going to be the last time. But this time, I wasn’t sad. As you get older you realize that without change, things get stagnant. They get stale. As Humans also, we need to try new things, we need to evolve to stay relevant. So in the spirit of this, here are 2 recent submissions that signify new directions from artists.

Mister Lies – Flood You/ Medusa
Nick Zanca AKA Mister Lies has been working on a new album for some time now. It should be out October through Orchid Tapes. It’s called Shadow, and you can pre-order it here. Although Flood You/Medusa (mastered by Warren Hildebrand) is a self-release, it’s been cited as a teaser to the new album. Orchid has also dropped Deepend, a track off the new record. The whole thing is more ethereal and dreamy than False Astronomy days, and it’s still very, very good.

Genius – Vowels
Just off the heels of his debut album, Genius is already hard at work, diversifying from his re-edits and remixing and onto creating fresh material. It’s a departure that’s sometimes tricky for other producers, but not this one. Genius went back to school and he’s already aced his A,B,C’s and is onto vowels and conjugation. The results are delightfully offbeat irreverance and left of center bouncy beat goodness. Change can be good.

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Snakehips :: After I Met U :: Dopeness Re-Defined.


(UPDATE:: Snakehips have recently revealed an upcoming Fall US/Canada Tour. For dates & venues, go here. In celebration of this occasion, they’ve also dropped a sick new mix via Hypetrack aptly titled Coming To America. Check it Below.)

After I Met U is a track that has been a crowd favourite (and rightly so) at live gigs by producer duo Snakehips. They’ve finally made it available online just over two weeks ago. It’s a song that samples heavily from Cheri Dennis’ I Love You until 2 minutes in when they drop some JLo in there from Get Right. Of course, all of it comes with some added fresh beats and a sprinkle of that trademark Snakehips glitch on top. Does it work? Unbelievably so. This is dopeness re-defined, homie.

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Yousef :: A-Minor Remix :: Float Away.


After hearing the latest A-Minor remix for Float Away, I realized something almost immediately. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew something just wasn’t right about it. So I listened to it again. And again. After about the sixth time, I realized what the issue was. It’s just too perfect. Too smooth. Too slick. But it’s hard to hate on something for being too perfect though, isn’t it? Better to just give in, and let that warm, gentle current take you where it wants to, and surrender. It’s easy to see how Yousef has identified this version as his favourite remix out there.

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Winson Clink :: Brand New Track :: Shank Leane.


Tracks like this one are best delivered wrapped up tightly and inside a plain manila envelope. The meet is at an old underground garage somewhere on the East side of downtown. It’s 3:15 in the AM. A car flashes it’s high beams at you and you advance slowly, suddenly aware of the smallest sounds around you, your senses heightened by the threat of imminent danger. Despite your many fears, a racing heartbeat and the sweat trickling all over you, the exchange goes smoothly. You return to your custom Delorean ride, reach into the envelope and insert the cartridge into your futuristic 8 track player.
You press play.
(Ps. debut album for Winson Clink coming soon.)

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Bondax :: New Bad Tune :: Newer, Badder Remix.


I’m still working on a super sweet side project, and I will have an update on that soon.
But in the meantime, I’m still behind on tons of stuff which serves as a great excuse like
missing out on a new Bondax joint. All I See may have dropped over a month ago, but I only got around to it now thanks to a recent discovery of an entirely badass, deep and disco infused house remix from Darius. Written by MNEK and Becky Hill, and featuring blistering, hair raising vocals from Tanya Lacey. Look out for a brand new album from the Bondax boys this September. Check out the original tune, followed by the remix below. Both are well worth a listen.

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Odesza :: New Album :: In Return + 2 New Tracks.


It’s always kind of a hard thing to realize that summers don’t last forever. One day the temperature drops, there’s a chill in the air and the leaves start to turn again. So it’s nice when there are other things that pop up to look forward to, like a new album from a kickass outfit like Odesza. In Return drops in September and will be available on vinyl and 24bit goodness. Pre-order over here, and get 2 instant downloads as well as an advance copy of the album before it’s official Sept. 9 release. Here’s Memories That You Call which just dropped about a week ago, along with a super sweet remix of Zhu’s Faded from last month that I currently have on repeat.

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True Stories :: Pickpocket School, A Mafia Pizzeria, Gang Initiations & A Bank Robbery Without a Gun.

the_moth I absolutely love this new series I discovered on CBC Radio One a few weeks ago. It’s the US based Moth Series, and the concept is a simple one. Simply put, it’s real stories told by real people in front a live audience. We’ve all heard the famous axiom that truth is often times much stranger than fiction, and these stories are no exception. Here are a few of my favourites so far. Unfortunately, I can’t embed these puppies (with the exception of the Gavagan tale), so click the name, then click listen on the new page. You can also download podcasts from itunes.

Pickpocket Schoolby Sherman O.T. Powell
A pickpocket gets schooled in the fine art of thievery until it all goes up in smoke.

Anthony The Hatby Richie DiSalvo
A pizza maker falls in with the Mob quicker than you can down a baby Calzone.

It’s Like Borrowingby Shannon Cason
A gambling addiction quickly spirals out of control into a bank robbery without a gun.

Victim’s Impactby Ed Gavagan
The survivor of a gang initiation involving 5 kids with knives left Ed on death’s door, but he somehow found a way to hang on, and has an emotional, heart wrenching story to tell. This one made me tear up a bit.

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