Flume :: New Remix :: Lorde’s Tennis Court.


We all somehow knew this collaboration was inevitable; and now here it is. Another dope brand new remix from Flume for Lorde’s Tennis Court track. This just dropped yesterday, alongside a brand new gold tinged video – complete with a crown. Check it out below. I’m liking this one more and more with each listen.

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Natalie Sharp :: Makeup Artist Face Paints Awesome Album Covers.


In honour of last Saturday’s Record Store Day, Natalie Sharp paid tribute the only way she knows how; by using her own face as a canvas. Sharp is a London area, award winning makeup artist that specializes in face and body painting. For her Record Store Day Project, Sharp, also an accomplished vocalist who goes by The Lone Taxidermist, selected several of her own personal favourite albums and reproduced them using body paints. Among them, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Grizzly Bear, Primal Scream and my personal favourite; Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. Via Spin.





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Most People :: New EP :: Stay Forever Here in The Night.

Most People

Toronto duo Most People; comprised of Brandon Gibson-DeGroote and Paul McEachern, just released some brand new material yesterday. I was lucky enough to have caught them live on stage in an outdoor parking lot for last year’s film festival. Afterwards, we went for wings at Hooters. Please don’t tell anyone*. This three song EP is a feel good electro pop explosion of wonder that is both infectious and impossible not to love. Stay Forever is a first in a series of cassette singles, so look out for more soon. In the meantime, check out the album below, and go here to purchase and support the artists. I’ll also include a totally sweet recent remix they did for Adverteyes and friends. You can catch them live tomorrow night at Tattoo in Toronto, go here for more info.
* I think Brandon might be a vegetarian, so maybe it was just the rest of us eating wings. The memory I have for the night’s events, is admittedly, a bit hazy. There is a distinct possibility that none of it actually happened.

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Different Sleep :: New Album :: Conflict :: Out Today.


Chicago based producer Different Sleep has a new album out. Conflict is a four track EP released through the Friends of Friends label, and featuring slow and haunting chilled out beats that somehow manages to soothe and stimulate all at once. You can stream the whole album for free over at XLR8R, and go buy it to support the artist over here. This is music perfect for introspection, long drives in the rain, and Tuesday mornings. Have a listen to the title track below.

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Greenspan Feat. Rome Cee + Ellis :: Wine And Cheese.


Last weekend, while visiting some friends in Ottawa, I stumbled into a bookstore and went through the magazine racks. I was happy to find a recent copy of Adbusters. While going through it, I was reminded of some of the recent stats published by Oxfam back in January. The highlight is that the 85 richest people on the planet control as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population put together. It’s grim facts like these that make Greenspan‘s latest track Wine and Cheese all the more relevant. Featuring soundbites from newscasts that highlight systemic poverty, and supplemented by fellow Baltimore rappers Ellis and Rome Cee, all over a layer of soul tinged beats courtesy of Matchy P. You can listen/buy/support Greenspan’s latest album here. If you’re interested in more facts regarding poverty check this out.

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Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton :: Documentary Drops The Needle on Stones Throw Records.


Shortly after contacting an anonymous address for independent label Stones Throw Records, founder Peanut Butter Wolf responded in person to Director Jeff Broadway’s query about a 4 minute video. Before he knew it, Broadway was shooting feature length Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton; a tour de force documentary on the groundbreaking record company. The movie features as much archival material as it promises it’s weight in vinyl – tons. Featured interviews include Kanye, Peanut Butter, Mike D., Snoop, Common, J Dilla and tons more. You don’t need to be a black crack addict to watch this one. Catch it currently at select cities across North America and Europe.

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Nudity, Nature & Sparklers :: Inside The World of Photographer Ryan McGinley.


I think the first time I discovered the work of Ryan McGinley was within the pages of Vice about ten years ago. I was immediately struck by his signature style. They were all pretty raw, unpolished shots of young people, generally naked, with natural bodies (minus the tattoos), and usually outdoors and out of the city, in a natural environment. There was something very genuine and authentic to them; they felt like polaroids taken at some cottage during a weekend of college age debauchery. I kind of felt that the subjects were friends of the photographer rather than professional models on just another assignment.


Fast forward to today, and former Skateboarder McGinley is still taking the same shots, finding that elusive moment that encompasses freedom. It’s such a consistent style and his ability to find those magical moments has translated into a career that’s influenced multiple mediums on an international scale. It’s not so surprising then, that Jay Z has recently privately conceded his Young Forever video may well have been influenced by his work. Read a recent interview and more on his his creative process here. It turns out I may have been right after all; alot of his models are indeed his friends.





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