Nudity, Nature & Sparklers :: Inside The World of Photographer Ryan McGinley.


I think the first time I discovered the work of Ryan McGinley was within the pages of Vice about ten years ago. I was immediately struck by his signature style. They were all pretty raw, unpolished shots of young people, generally naked, with natural bodies (minus the tattoos), and usually outdoors and out of the city, in a natural environment. There was something very genuine and authentic to them; they felt like polaroids taken at some cottage during a weekend of college age debauchery. I kind of felt that the subjects were friends of the photographer rather than professional models on just another assignment.


Fast forward to today, and former Skateboarder McGinley is still taking the same shots, finding that elusive moment that encompasses freedom. It’s such a consistent style and his ability to find those magical moments has translated into a career that’s influenced multiple mediums on an international scale. It’s not so surprising then, that Jay Z has recently privately conceded his Young Forever video may well have been influenced by his work. Read a recent interview and more on his his creative process here. It turns out I may have been right after all; alot of his models are indeed his friends.





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Ta-Ku :: Drive Slow, Homie :: The Hypetrak Remixes.


Genre defying Aussie based DJ/Producer Ta-Ku has released the Hypetrak remixes of Drive Slow, Homie. It’s two hours of chilled out vibes… this is audio antiseptic for anything that ails ya, son. Time to ease up on the gas pedal, open the sunroof and light one up, homie. You can purchase and hear his latest release Songs To Break Up To, over here.

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Hot New Tracks :: The Freshest of The Fresh :: Part Deux :: Re-Edits, Remixes & Mashups.


“I can resist anything but temptation.”
- Oscar Wilde

I had so much fun compiling my last volume of Fresh Tracks, that I couldn’t resist doing it all over again. On a Spring morning in April that’s currently including freezing rain and snow, there is something very instinctual in me to crave salty carbohydrates, and retreat to a dark cave somewhere. It’s important to remind ourselves that Summer will arrive one day. So warm weather is an important theme in this one… It’s time to lie back down on the couch, and pop open a bag of crispy, salty goodness. I’m sure Oscar Wilde would agree – sometimes it’s important to indulge once in awhile.

Carlos Francisco – Drums of Kadoma – Soundmen On Wax
There is nothing quite like the sounds of the jungle to take you to another place; warm, wet and a bit dangerous. That’s how this journey of a track starts off, it’s a slow, tribal build up that seems simple at first, but everyone knows that the best rhythms are the deceptive ones that take you to places you never expected. This is one of them.

Ray Charles – I Got A Woman (Father Funk Remix)
The Uk’s Father Funk injects some bass into this Ray Charles toe tapping classic, brimming with positivity and thankfully leaving all that horned goodness in.

Aaron Smith – Dancin (KRONO Remix)
This Aaron Smith track is an infectious love letter to movement that is both joyous and celebratory. Simply put; this shit is 100% pure dopeness. I have had it on repeat for days. I think my neighbors might hate me. Then again, maybe they’re dancing to it too.

Papa Gumbo’s Generator Riddim ft Doug E Fresh (KeyanigFM Mashup)
Some things were destined to be together. Like Papa Gumbo and Doug E Fresh. Once you hear it, you’ll know why. I can’t embed this track, so you’ll have to click the link below to hear it. Trust me; it’s so worth it.

Broken Bells – Holding On For Life (Solomun Remix)
At this point, I should go full disclosure here, I got this one as well as the Krono Remix off the last set Pete Tong did for Mix Mag. This was his opening track. It’s just brilliant, I’ve heard it about 20 times this week, and I still get chills every time. Another flawless remix.

JB Sex Masheen *KON RMX
There are few tracks more iconic than James Brown’s signature Sex Machine. So the stakes are always high when someone tweaks with it. This one manages to present a perfect blend of all the original elements that somehow manages to produce another classic. Complete with a satisfying ingredient list of samples and loops that teases and seduces, it’s a fun enhanced version of the original, guaranteed to make your booty shake.

Curtis Harding – Keep On Shining
This turned up in my inbox last night, and although it may not be a remix or mashup, we all know that rules were made to be broken. And Keep on Shining is worth the exception. Pure soul tinged goodness that take you back to the days of Al Green and awesome shiny jumpsuits. Love the video as well.

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Before They Pass Away :: Photographer Captures Breathtaking Pictures of Disappearing Indigenous Tribes.


It’s sometimes too easy to be seduced by technology. Most of us live in a world bombarded with advertisements that try to convince us we need the latest phone, flatscreen tv or any number of other shiny new accessories. But in the far corners of the globe, there still exists an increasingly small number of tribes that live their lives not for material gains, but for simpler reasons. Their priorities don’t rest on salaries, cars, or houses. It’s a lifestyle based instead on survival, often in near inhospitable surroundings. It’s this kind of living that makes family and community that much more important.


It’s not without irony then, that British photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the first 18 years of his career as a commercial photographer; hawking products like cigarettes, alcohol, banks and airlines before deciding to embark on a journey to shoot pictures of endangered tribes from around the world. Check out more of these remarkable photos below, along with a recent Ted Talk he gave where he details the lessons all of us can learn from these cultures, along with an excellent story involving getting drunk on vodka in a blizzard in Mongolia, and having to take a whizz. If you’re in Berlin, you can see some of his photos on display at the CWC Gallery, or purchase his book over here.






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D.O. AKA Defy The Odds :: New Single :: Capture The Moonlight.


Saskathewan born and Ontario raised, D.O‘s resume might not, at first glance look like the average rapper’s – he first graduated with Honours from York University’s English program before becoming a motivational speaker, published author, and on the side; a huge proponent of recent anti-bullying campaigns – remember, his moniker stands for Defy The Odds. But he can also rhyme. In fact, D.O. can rap so well, and for so long, that he is the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest freestyle rap. D.O has just released a new single Capture The Moonlight, featuring Saukrates and Joell Ortiz and Produced by Classified. The album, called Down Home, will feature tons of talent including Chad Hatcher, Maestro Fresh Wes, Mic Boyd, Spesh K, J-Bru and Jake Boyd. Check the new intro below, and single over here.

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Wild Style Vs. Style Wars :: Definitive Documentaries on Early Hip Hop Culture.


There are precious few films more iconic than Style Wars for documenting a previously mysterious youth subculture shortly after it’s inception, widely regarded by many as criminal – even dangerous to others. Released in 1983 and originally airing on PBS, the film chronicles the early roots of Hip Hop culture, including rapping, breaking and most importantly; graffiti. The film found it’s way to various screenings and film festivals, eventually winning the Grand Jury prize at Sundance. Style Wars was directed by Tony Silver, who passed away in 2008.


If there was any movie that was to rival Style Wars as far as content in terms of cultural value, it’s Wild Style. Producer/Director Charlie Ahearn went to work on it in the summer of 1980, after being approached by Fred Braithwaite, AKA Fab Five Freddy – to make a film about the all encompassing Hip Hop movement. The film included some of the most iconic figures from that era, including The Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee Starski and Grandmaster Flash, among many others. Wild Style is widely regarded as the most accurate film depicting Hip Hop culture.

One fateful night in NYC, a crowded theater held a double screening for both films. The memorable event has just been commemorated in Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree comic series. See it below, and watch Style Wars in it’s entirety. Go here to pre-order a copy of Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 2; due out later this year.
(via Boing Boing)


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Junior Boys Update :: New Label :: Obsession Recordings :: Jessy Lanza :: New Tour Dates.


About 2 years ago, someone by the name of DIVA dropped some pretty compelling beats via Toronto based New Kanada. It’s recently been revealed that DIVA is actually Matt Didemus; one half of the Junior Boys. Didemus has also announced he’s started a new label called Obsession Recordings. You can check out a debut compilation over here. Meanwhile, in other Junior Boys related news, Jessy Lanza is continuing on her North American tour, with new dates added and a bunch of European shows and festivals this summer. Lanza’s album was co-produced by Jeremy Greenspan; the other half of JB. To check out recent tour dates for Jessy Lanza go here.

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