Odesza :: New Album :: In Return + 2 New Tracks.


It’s always kind of a hard thing to realize that summers don’t last forever. One day the temperature drops, there’s a chill in the air and the leaves start to turn again. So it’s nice when there are other things that pop up to look forward to, like a new album from a kickass outfit like Odesza. In Return drops in September and will be available on vinyl and 24bit goodness. Pre-order over here, and get 2 instant downloads as well as an advance copy of the album before it’s official Sept. 9 release. Here’s Memories That You Call which just dropped about a week ago, along with a super sweet remix of Zhu’s Faded from last month that I currently have on repeat.

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True Stories :: Pickpocket School, A Mafia Pizzeria, Gang Initiations & A Bank Robbery Without a Gun.

the_moth I absolutely love this new series I discovered on CBC Radio One a few weeks ago. It’s the US based Moth Series, and the concept is a simple one. Simply put, it’s real stories told by real people in front a live audience. We’ve all heard the famous axiom that truth is often times much stranger than fiction, and these stories are no exception. Here are a few of my favourites so far. Unfortunately, I can’t embed these puppies (with the exception of the Gavagan tale), so click the name, then click listen on the new page. You can also download podcasts from itunes.

Pickpocket Schoolby Sherman O.T. Powell
A pickpocket gets schooled in the fine art of thievery until it all goes up in smoke.

Anthony The Hatby Richie DiSalvo
A pizza maker falls in with the Mob quicker than you can down a baby Calzone.

It’s Like Borrowingby Shannon Cason
A gambling addiction quickly spirals out of control into a bank robbery without a gun.

Victim’s Impactby Ed Gavagan
The survivor of a gang initiation involving 5 kids with knives left Ed on death’s door, but he somehow found a way to hang on, and has an emotional, heart wrenching story to tell. This one made me tear up a bit.

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Hot New Tracks :: The Freshest of the Fresh :: Part Tres :: Re-Edits, Remixes & Mashups.


Welcome to the third instalment of Freshness. I was hoping to originally dedicate it to Canada Day last week, but life got busy, so let’s call this a mid summer love dedication. So wherever you find yourself right now; maybe it’s on some beautiful sandy beach somewhere, or maybe in a back yard with some meats grilling on the bbq, and a cold one in your hand…Hope you’re making the most of it. Now, it’s time to crack open another bag of salty sweet deliciousness.

ODB + Palov + Mishkin = Shimmy Shimmy Like This ~ Bay Puree Mashup
Nothing says summer like a little latin flavour, and when you lace it with classic Ol’ Dirty Bastard vocals, the only thing missing is some form of herbal refreshment. You know, like Green Tea.

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)
One thing you can always count on any Ta-Ku track; it’s always playful to a point, before getting delightfully dangerous with a ratcheting intensity that builds until it just disappears, and you feel like you just got ripped off just like when that tranny hooker did when she robbed you after you fell asleep in that cheap motel last week. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.

Rihanna – Stay /// 20Syl you can’t be serious Remix
Before you’re all like…say what?? Ri-fucking-anna?? Seriously?? What happened DG? Just trust me. Take a listen. I promise you’ll find yourself surprised.

ZHU vs Peter & The Magician – Memories Of A Cocaine Model (Purple Tokyo, Tribute 2 The Unknown Edit)
Glorious, hypnotizing synth lines float through the air punctuated with gentle voices that reminisce…I will, I will, I will, never forget the thrill..this track takes you from the runway to the private jet and untold sleepness nights but this time, without the loss of money or self-respect.(probably)

What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix)
There are two types of Trap. Lame ass trap, and songs like this one. It just plain tickles the ears! I would say more, but…ondelay, ondelay, the summer is calling. Until next time, muchachos.

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Banksy :: Taking The Piss :: Illustrated + In Colour.


A couple years back, famed anonymous street artist Banksy wrote a piece for his 2004 book, Cut It Out. It touches on the collosal impact that corporate advertising has on our daily lives, and justifies the act of the remix. It’s perhaps not without irony then, that much of the text was appropriated from an essay in a a zine by artist Sean Tejaratchi. Check out the full text, along with some sweet illustrations courtesy of Gavin Aung below.


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Snakehips :: New Tune :: Days With You :: Feat. Sinead Harnett.


Producer duo Snakehips have returned with a brand new tune 2 days ago via Spin. This gem of track features vocals from Sinead Harnett. If she sounds familiar it’s because they’ve previously collaborated on another tune called No Other Way. Sinead has also worked with Disclosure and Rudimental among others. It’s safe to say it’s yet another hype track from the Snakehips crew and a stellar combo with Sinead on the mic, I’m looking forward to hearing from them again soon. In the meantime, here’s Days With You, along with their previous effort; No other way. “Days With You” drops August 17 on Hoffman West; go here for tour dates.

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Genius Vision :: New Album :: Out Today.


It was one fateful Valentine’s day that I received my first email from Genius, a mysterious producer with little more than a SoundCloud page, with a remix they did for a Mos Def track. I was immediately intrigued, and hooked ever since. Genius has been releasing new tracks sporadically, each one with that signature slick, slowed down Genius twist resulting in hypnotizing beats that pop. Today marks the day the full debut album is out. It’s got 10 songs plus an intro and includes an original called Young Vision Harry. Could this be a clue that his real name is Harry? We may never know. All we can hope for are fresh new tunes in the near future from this talented, anonymous beat maker. All tracks are available for free. Listeners have the option to chip in some shrapnel for his new tune, so I’ll include that one separately below.

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Basement Jaxx :: New Single :: Sereia de Bahia (Mermaid of Bahia).


Just in time for World Cup shenanigans, summer hijinks, and weekend wanderlust, here’s another banger from hitmakers Basement Jaxx. The Mermaid of Bahia may sound familiar to some as it’s an updated version of last year’s Mermaid of Salinas. This time, we have Brazilian singer Nina Miranda on vocals, but don’t worry; that joyous, infectious rhythm that only the Jaxx can call their own, remains intact. Check out the brand new video directed by Alan Masferrer below, along with the original version of the tune.

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