Digitized Graffiti was founded in 2010.
DG is a selective blend of music, art and film with an emphasis on pop, youth & underground culture. It has gained recognition as a featured blog on multiple online community forums. DG has been featured on Freshly Pressed several times.
To date, Digitized Graffiti remains 100% advertisement free, and is a non-commercial site.


If you’re interested in submitting an idea for a post, or promote some of your own music, or somebody else’s, email me at colmhogan(at)gmail.com. Please bear in mind I can’t write about everything, and if your music doesn’t make it to the front page, it will most likely end up on DG’s Soundcloud page.

Copyright & Legal Stuff
I try to use images and video that are in the public domain or used for publicity. If not, I do my best to credit the artist. That being said, I am largely a one man operation, so sometimes something slips by me, and I make a mistake here and there. Again, please email me, and I will happily rectify things as quickly as possible.

About the Publisher
Colm Hogan is chief contributor and founder.
In 2010 he directed a documentary called Matatu Express about hip hop slum kids in Nairobi. The film premiered at the NXNE festival in Toronto at the National Film Board of Canada. In 2011 he directed a music video for punk band Mad Atlas called Lonely Slut. In 2012, he released Crack Whore Pickup; a bio-fiction memoir with photographs.
His photography was recently on display with exhibitions at Norman Felix Gallery and Praxis Gallery that featured graffiti from inmates at an abandoned correctional facility called Polaroids from Prison. You can check out some of them here.

His latest film is called Back To The Zone. It’s a documentary about Toronto’s iconic nightclub The Twilight Zone, and the history of House music.

Above photo taken by A.Smears

Watch The Movie:

Read The Book:


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