Invisible People: Documentary Shines Light on Shadow of Homelessness. (Documentary)

Filmmaker Mark Horvath wasn’t always making documentaries – he originally worked in Hollywood as a big shot scenester before succumbing to addiction, hitting rock bottom and becoming homeless himself. Undaunted and fearless, he went on to pursue a project giving a voice to the people that need it most by shining a light to personalize the Invisible People we walk by every day. The results seem to be both heartbreaking and illuminating. Mark is currently touring Canada interviewing homeless people in many corners of the country.
Photo by Chris Walter.


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3 thoughts on “Invisible People: Documentary Shines Light on Shadow of Homelessness. (Documentary)

  1. I must find you Mark….I think you are wonderful and believe it or not…you and I are kindred spirits and I would love to work with you in a valiant attempt to solve homelessness and I think we can to it.l..collectively…Please contact me…..

    Michael Watkins

  2. I wish the best of luck to Mark and his goals. Homelessness is no joke and it’s sad to see. I live in LA and I always knew that we had a huge homeless population but I didn’t know that it’s practically the capital. This looks like a must see movie so I’ll definitely check it out.

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