1980s Film Alphabet: Art & Design from Stephen Wildish. (Film)

It’s that time of year when everyone goes over the year in review of significant events. But how about going over an entire decade instead? And just focus on movies? And what if it was the eighties, and we only use minimal illustrations to hint at the movie? Awesometown! Population Us! Stephen Wildish is an Artist, Designer and Illustrator based in the UK. Check out his site here and his tumblr here, some really cool illustrations. Scroll down for the complete list of movies.

Airplane, Back To The Future, Coming To America, Dirty Dancing, E.T., Flight of the Navigator, Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrank The Kids, Indiana Jones, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Karate Kid, Labyrinth, Mannequin , Nightmare on Elm Street, Octopussy, Princess Bride, Q, Rambo, Short Circuit, Teen Wolf, Untouchables, Vice Versa, Weird Science, Xanadu, Youngblood, Zelig.

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