127 Hours. (Film)

I can`t pretend that Danny Boyle is not one of my favourite directors. Whether it`s his last hit Slumdog Millionaire, his first breakout hit Trainspotting, or in my opinion his underrated The Beach, I`ve always loved where he`s taken me cinematically. In his new film, he takes us on the real life, harrowing journey of Aron Ralston, a hiker who was trapped in a crevice for days and only escaped after amputating his own arm with a pen knife.

I actually remember reading about his story a few years ago, and when I was in a bookstore some time later, I picked up his autobiography. I couldn’t resist – after all, his story is a testament to the spirit of human survival. I was so captivated by his intro text that I scribbled it down into a small green notebook I like to carry full of random thoughts and ideas. It reads the following:

“Our purpose as spiritual beings is to follow our bliss, seek our passion and live our lives as inspirations to each other. Everything else flows from that. When we find inspiration, we need to take action for ourselves and for our communities. Even if it means making a hard choice, or cutting out something and leaving it in your past. Saying farewell is also a bold and powerful beginning.”
-Aron Ralston

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