Three of Massive Attacks’ Iconic Music Videos. (Music/Film)

Unfinished Symphony remains such a benchmark track that simply never gets old. Sung with feeling by Shara Nelson. The first few seconds of the video makes we wonder where the song’s journey will take us. It eventually does a great job capturing the vibe of a rough downtown street, with various characters intersecting the subject’s journey. A simple concept but so well executed. At 2min.17sec. you can spot Massive Attack member Robert Del Naja aka 3D following her in a raincoat for the remainder of the video.

Angel is another great song, dark and mysterious. The video reflects this strange feeling, and almost feels like a zombie apocalypse at the end.

Perhaps my favourite video of the 3, Karmacoma contains elements of The Shining, Pulp Fiction, Barton Fink and takes place in a hotel, where all of our dark secrets come to light. The whole vibe has a definite David Lynch vibe to it, and it suits the song very well.

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