Soul Power. (Music)

Hey kids, it’s Sunday morning, and what better way to spend it then by listening to some sweet ass soul music. This first track is a beauty, and a rare live performance in very good quality. Apparently the story is Bill Withers wrote it after seeing a movie called Days of Wine & Roses. Here’s what he said about the 2 characters in the film; “They were both alcoholics who were alternately weak and strong. It’s like going back for seconds on rat poison. Sometimes you miss things that weren’t particularly good for you.”

This next track is everything that good soul music should be; sweet, sad, truthful and glorious all at once.

And for me, the best use of it in a film is in the Hughe’s brothers’ underrated Dead Presidents. It’s a heist film where after the score things go bad very quickly, and the song plays in the background after one of the crew’s misadventures ends up with a needle in the arm. skip to 4.30. [copyright issue with youtube, so click twice.]

Let’s stay together is another amazing track from Al Green that never seems to get old no matter how many times I hear it.

And almost every time I hear it, I almost always go back to the following scene in my mind. It’s that incredible scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis playing a down and out boxer sits down in front of Ving Rhames, playing a gangster that tries to pay him off, while the song plays in the background. It’s a wonderful scene with trademark Tarantino dialogue that doesn’t disappoint. [please note, the title of the clip was given by a youtube user, not by myself]

Although the song itself was used in as the title track for a movie with the same name, my personal favourite is the opening title sequence for Jackie Brown, as Pam Grier in full flight attendant uniform glides accross the screen, on the walking escalator through the airport. [copyright issue with youtube, so click twice.]

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