The Sheen Debacle: Bret Easton Ellis Weighs In.(Books)

There’s a great article on the current Charlie Sheen train wreck by Bret Easton Ellis on the Daily Beast. If you don’t know who Bret is, he wrote some really huge books that became big movies, generally about American disaffected youth, including Less Than Zero and American Psycho. It’s an interesting take on his ongoing crisis, especially from someone that really knows the world of LA privilege and debauchery where his novels often reside in.

Bret rarely does on camera interviews, but I found the following one of him in Australia. He talks about his new sequel to the classic Less Than Zero, called Imperial Bedrooms. There’s also kind of a funny moment where he talks about the music referenced in American Psycho including Phil Collins and Whitney Houston.

And here’s the classic scene that Ellis cites as the defining scene that catapulted Sheen to stardom in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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