Page One: New York Times Doc Digs Deep. (Documentary)

Just caught Page One: Inside the New York Times last night. Filmmaker Andrew Rossi apparently spent 14 months hanging out at the Times observing and conducting research, and it seems to have paid off, because this doc is so broad and indepth, and covers so many angles of this historic institution, that it’s like reading that big old monster of the Sunday edition on the backyard of your cottage over pancakes, coffee and fruit. History wise, it covers the crucial role the Times played back in the day with the Pentagon papers and Watergate, but what’s really interesting is what’s happening now in the age of the Ipad and Social media culture – and how it’s affecting the uncertain future of the Times. The doc fearlessly delves into what’s going on now, with younger media organizations like Gawker, Vice and Wikileaks and how it’s affecting the NYT – even though noone really knows what the future holds. Look out for David Carr (pictured above left) – ex crack addict and now seasoned veteran reporter, who almost steals the show.

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