Rubble Kings: New Doc Profiles History of NYC Street Gangs. (Documentary)

I just had some time to check out the classic cult hit from 1979 The Warriors this weekend. Skillfully directed by Walter Hill and features a really dope soundtrack. The story follows a fictional gang from Coney Island trapped in the city and pursued by thousands of cops and other vicious street gangs.

So it was kind of a coincidence I came across a documentary that reveals this era of street culture in NYC roughly around the same period. It’s called Rubble Kings, directed by Shan Nicholson and it recently had it’s premiere at the NYC Latino film festival. What’s really interesting from the trailer is the connection between the birth of hip hop and street gangs, and more importantly the positivity that music provides; a switch from the battles using bullets and blades to using breaking on the dancefloor to establish dominance. Check out the trailers for both epic gang films below.

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