DG 3 Year Anniversary.


So today, DG turns 3 – coincidentally, this will be my 333rd post – whoa! I just wanted to take time out to thank everyone for stopping by. As of yesterday, DG is now 100% advertisement free. Usually when sites grow in popularity, owners normally solicit advertising to try and capitalize on a following, but that’s never what DG has been about. I wanted this blog as a medium to share the music, art and film I am truly excited and passionate about, and I’m keeping it that way. If you want to contribute, like us on facebook, follow me on twitter, and even better, leave a comment on an article that you dug. In the meantime, I’m still working on completing a documentary in my spare time – it’s called Sketched Out, and it’s about the history of underground music in Toronto. I’m also working on a graphic novel in the post apocalyptic/sci-fi/horror genre about pirates and ninjas. It’s called Ice Cold Nights, Dark Dark Days, and will feature the work of the very talented artist J.Rozen, here is an unfinished piece below. I am hoping it will be out by end of summer. Thanks again everyone!
(photo above is licensed under wikipedia commons, and is not an advertisement for dunkin’ donuts.)

Pirates - Pencils

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