Inside MixMag’s The Lab: 5 DJ Sets To Get Your Party Started.(Music Review)


Mixmag’s The Lab is a channel featuring some of the world’s best djs spinning live every Friday from their headquarters in London. The only hard part is choosing who to watch, as there are tons of sets to choose from (to date, there are 74 videos and counting). Here are 5 of them (in no particular order) that stand out. So plug your stereo speakers into your laptop, pour some shots for you and your guests, and let’s get this party started.

5. Orbital
Why not start with the very first Lab episode featuring the iconic brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll? They have been at it since the late 80s, and haven’t skipped a beat since. Here’s an essential Techno set that should satisfy any true electronica fan; Orbital’s music remains in the futuristic outer space spaceship realm.

4. DJ Sneak
I fist caught DJ Sneak when he came through Industry nightclub some years back, and whether you’re lucky enough to catch him live or in the following video, it’s easy to see why he’s still one of the most influential house dj/producers around today – sometimes I wonder if he’s having more fun spinning than the people on the dance floor. That’s the mark of a true Dj.

3. Bondax
It’s always exciting to catch young up and coming talent in their prime. Bondax may be young in age (both of them are still currently teenagers) but you’d be hard pressed to find people with similar beat making skills at any age. Here’s a great deep house set they recently performed back in May.

2. Disclosure
Another young band comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They released their first album, Settle, on PMR Records in June of this year, and it’s already been a success.

1. Carl Cox
Another DJ/Producer veteran, Cox has been spinning since the mid 80s, and has now pretty much achieved God level status. Check this next video out, and learn from a true master.

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