Die Antwoord: New Details Emerge on Upcoming Album.(Music Review)


Watch the new single for Donker Mag, entitled Pitbull Terrier over here. To buy a track, go here.

Die Antwoord has left us some cryptic clues regarding their upcoming album entitled Donker Mag. In the form of a fill in the blanks crossword puzzle style, Yolandi left us with the possible track listing on their facebook page. Here’s her post from October 19:

bubble bubble toil and trouble…
guess wat we gt cookin!
1-D_NK_R M_G
2-C_ _KI_ TH_MP_R
3-P_TB_ _ L TE_ _ _ _R
4-S_R_ _ K
5-CR_ S_
6-_ _X
7-I D_ _ _ D_ _ NK
8-D_ _ TIME I_ _ B P_ _ _ _ _G
9-GIR_ I W_NT 2 _AT U
10-_ _ _PY G_ S_ _ _Y F_ _ K_
11-L_TS J_S_ B _R_ _ _ _Z
12-U_L_ B_ _ ft A_ _ _X T_ _ _
13-Y_ _ M_D_ _Z _O ST_ _ _ _D
14-D_ H_-T_K O_ E
15-R_ _S R_L_23
16-M_ _N _O_E

Donker Mag is due out in February 2014. In the meantime, check out the vid below for Cookie Thumper. I’ll also include a great documentary on Die Antwoord from someone that goes by Jimbo Stephens. If you’re a fan of either Yo-landi or Ninja, you’ll want to see this two-part series, entitled AKA: The Lives of Waddy Tudor Jones. It goes into quite a bit of depth on the previous incarnations of Die Antwoord and includes lots of very rare and very interesting footage.

And here’s a behind the scenes short on the making of Fatty Boom Boom. It covers all of the contributing visual artists that helped make such a vibrant and colourful piece. I think the best part is when Ninja reveals what his favourite words are. You may be surprised.

Finally, here’s Cookie Thumper, Track 2 on the upcoming album from Die Antwoord, Donker Mag, set for release next month.

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