Twin Peaks: Mysterious Origins of Classic TV Series Revealed. (Television)


One of the most memorable tv series of my youth was a show called Twin Peaks. It was really the only series of it’s day that dared to be, well, weird. There was the Twilight Zone, well before it, sure, but when Twin Peaks first dropped, in 1990, it was up against shows like Cheers and Beverly Hills 90210. It filled an important void that was ruled by the unknown; an unquantified strangeness that served as a delicious cocktail to many tuning in on a Thursday night. There was no stilted laugh track or sundrenched Californian kids here. Only small town weirdness with plot lines that led to more questions than answers. It was the precursor to shows like the X files and later, Lost. Read more about how the short lived series was spawned by it’s creators Mark Frost and David Lynch over here.

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