Picturing the Ghost in the Machine: Pixel Drifting, Data Bending & Glitch Art. (Technology, Art)

Like ghosts captured on digital film between worlds, somewhere between the past, the present and the future, these are the haunting snapshots of transitionary moments that we were never meant to see. Straight out of the playbook of a William Gibson novel, these jarring images shock, jolt and seduce. There’s a bunch of different ways to achieve some of these results, without having to resort to inter-dimensional time travel. You can glitch up photos by opening them in Notepad, deleting or adding random data, then re-opening. If you want to go the animated gif route, you can use something like After Effects. There’s also a program called Pixel Drifter where you can chop up images in real time with jaw dropping results. Want to check out more? There are tons of lovely abstract ones here, a facebook group and even a tumblr devoted to dirty glitch over here (nsfw, obvs.)






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