Digitized Graffiti on Soundcloud: Renovations & Restorations. (Music)


I finally got around to updating DG’s soundcloud page. I dug up and blew the dust off of some of my former podcasts from the Sketched Out archives. Sketched was a documentary project that focused on common links in underground genres within Toronto’s counter culture history. I’ve since narrowed the focus to Back To The Zone, but you can bet I’ll get around to doing something with the hours of footage I shot at some point. In the meantime, you can check out the original podcasts for Sketched, along with a piece I did for my last doc, Matatu Express, which was about music and youth culture inside Kibera, a slum outside Nairobi, Kenya. The experience of self-recording made me appreciate how difficult it is to tape for people, whether it’s audio or video, without sounding like a total tool. So kudos to everyone that’s ever had the courage to talk to me on camera over the years, it’s not an easy thing to put oneself out there. Definitely still cringey after all these years to hear myself talk. Sketched Out podcasts, originally recorded around the 2008 mark, while the Matatu podcast was recorded in 2010.

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