Anakhemia’s The Prophecy: A Mind Blowing Journey Through Time & Space. (Music Review)

Every once in a blue moon, somewhere between the dozens of emails offering viagra supplements, Nigerian prince schemes and hot single ladies in my local area, something really interesting turns up in my inbox.
When something labelled Prophecy calls, you have no option but to answer.

Anakhemia labels herself a body/mind electronic artist with Indian and Saudi roots and counts quantum physics, sound manipulation and minimal art as major influences in her work. It’s certainly a captivating effort that hypnotizes the listener. Her latest effort is The Prophecy which features stunning archival footage of the human condition. It’s a compelling mix of 50s and 60s psychedelic experiences, assassinations, moonwalking and military footage.

Some of it reminds me of the projections first reportedly shown at the original Merry Prankster events and later at raves in the 1990s which I witnessed first hand. Around the four minute mark, we are catapulted into present day, and it makes one wonder how far we’ve really come as a species. Dedicated to the recent victims in the Paris attacks and victims of terrorism from around the globe, The Prophecy has dropped at what feels like a significant turning point for us. The question is, what happens next?

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