Ice Cold Nights: Now Available in Paperback. (Books)


My latest book is now available in paperback form. Ice Cold Nights is a science fiction “choose your own adventure” style book with pirates, ninjas and monsters. The reader gets to play Jerry, a time travelling pirate who encounters a mysterious band of ninjas. Along the way, the reader learns many life lessons while battling a host of terrifying monsters and Nazi zombies.

Now you can live the glory with a tangible piece of ninja pirate history for the low cost of (US) $5.25 by ordering a paperback version. If times are tight, having just survived another gift giving season, I would strongly recommend going with regular postal service as opposed to paying for shipping costs which can add up. Of course, the free ebook version is still available over here. I’d also like to thank everyone for downloading the free ebook version on smashwords, which has just peaked at 100. That’s awesome!

For more background and the additional J. Rozen illustrations from Ice Cold Nights, check this out.

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