Arthur Russell: Vanished Into Music. (Music History)

Arthur Russell was an American cellist, composer, producer, singer, and musician whose work spanned a disparate range of styles. Trained in contemporary experimental composition and Indian classical music, Russell found success in downtown New York’s avant-garde and disco scenes in the 1970s and 1980s, during which time he was associated with minimalism and the experimental music venue “The Kitchen”.*

Listen to the stunning BBC produced Vanished Into Music podcast for more on this intriguing musical genius that disappeared far too early on us. Below that, a recent documentary film on Russell, entitled “Wild Combination“.

Click here for the original post, or below for the direct link. Writer is Olivia Laing, Producer: Martin Williams. Featuring: Mustafa Ahmed, Joyce Bowden, Steven Hall and Tom Lee

This submission courtesy of Mitch Winthrop, a producer, dj and radio host for several notable shows, including The Rhythm Method, which is largely credited as Canada’s first dedicated House music show. Look out for his new podcast coming soon called The Boogie Politix Show.

*source, Wikipedia.
Top photo courtesy of Wild Combination.

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