The Coolest Thing: How Music Triggers Memories. (Mental Health, Music & Technology)

The following is a brief excerpt from New York Magazine’s writer Drake Baer for Science of Us.

The mashup DJ Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, has spent a decade reshuffling pop hits for nostalgia-eager Gen-Xers and (older) millennials. The sample savant always had a keen ear for which jams triggered the most endorphins; he told Vulture back in 2010 that his parties could be hit-or-miss in a place like Copenhagen, since he couldn’t know if European audiences would be as fluent in Skee-Lo.

To continue reading, go over to NY Mag’s Science of Us

Watch one of Girl Talk’s famous mashup up tunes get a video treatment courtesy of Nick Kimminau, below.

Top photo courtesy of David Sant Photography. Check out more of his work on Facebook & Instagram



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