NØLAH – Bone Chilling Live Techno From Barcelona. (Music Review)

There’s always been something so compelling for me to watch creative stuff take shape. Whether it’s sculpture, painting, or music; there’s a certain kind of magic to take in the visual process as it transforms into reality. I was able to catch Moby at the Phoenix theatre in Toronto around 94. Before that, Deee-lite, 2 Unlimited (yeah, I know),  Prodigy in Dublin.  Actually, I don’t think I caught much of that Prodigy performance. Sometimes meeting people in hallways is the best thing about live acts.  I’ve caught more DJ sets than I can count. But watching people throw down beats never gets old for me, to catch it live is always special. Nowadays, I take the majority of performances in youtube form.  There’s no cover charge, no lineups and the drinks are cheaper.

If you were worried about the future of electronic music, rest easy. Bursting out of the gates before the dawn of 2018, Barcelona based NØLAH is a composer/producer that has just released a few live sets which are an absolute joy to watch.  The one below was recorded just over two weeks ago at an ancient aqueduct in the South of France. Here is a bone chilling, hair raising, fist bumping live set courtesy of Cercle.  This one is guaranteed to get you through into the new year.

A couple of weeks earlier, she dropped a decidedly more bare bones, but no less mesmerizing, video on her channel, illustrating her creative process in studio.

Nolah’s currently playing shows in Turkey until Jan.20 when she hits Wanderlust in Paris. Check her Facebook page for upcoming gigs if you’re in that neck of the woods.  Buy her recent track through Beatport.

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