Post Trauma Paintings: Finding Your Way Back Home. (Mental Health, Personal Essay)

Alot of times when I’m driving and I have to get somewhere, I often recognize the destination street name. I’ve been there before. I know it. And yet I forget where it is, exactly. So I fire up my Google Maps on my phone. I type in the address, and voila. The uncertainty is gone. Relief follows. Confusion dissipates.

Finding your way back after a traumatic event occurs, even years later, can sometimes prove to be an elusive task. There is no internal GPS.  No Google App to sort you out.  People assume time heals all wounds. But the bitter truth is; it doesn’t always do so. All you can do is try to cope with the new normal.

Some of that coping has come out in expressive collage pieces I’ve been working on recently.  They are black & white, colour on wood with acrylic.

They will be on display at the Brain Injury Society of Toronto’s Expressive Art Show on Thursday April 26th from 4-7PM in Midtown Toronto at 1570 Yonge St.


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