5 of the Very Best Live Electronic Sets To Cheer You Up. (Music Review)

I haven’t done a list thingy in a while, so I thought I’d draw up some of the clips I’ve been hoarding over the last few months.  These all seem to inspire me on some level. I hope they manage to cheer up some of you or better yet; liven up a party.  Here we go!


5. Kebu performs Giorgio Moroder “The Chase”

Don’t let the initially rather stodgy crowd here fool you. This Moroder cult classic synth tune is performed with faithful, near flawless gusto by Kebu.  Check out his grin at 1min:18sec, followed by pelvic thrust at 1min:30sec.  Both help make it seem as though he might be enjoying himself more than anyone else in the room. If I played like that, I might too.

4. Odesza feat. Young Summer “Say My Name”

There’s a little controversy on the key from Young Summer’s voice on this one. But anyone that’s gone to live performances knows that it’s so much more than hitting all the right notes. It’s the crowd, it’s the vibe. It’s the connection between the song and the audience. This track hits all of those targets.

3. The Streets performs “Has It Comes To This?”

Remember when this track hit? It was like when crack flooded South Central back in the 80s. And you know what? It still feels fresh. But my favourite part is before he hits that song (9min) when Mike Skinner asks the crowd if they know what raving was, followed by a brief a cappella version of Prodigy’s Out Of Space. I remember hearing that track at my first rave. “It’s a beautiful thing!”

2. Faithless “We Come 1”

This is from a 2015 Exit festival recorded in Serbia and it looks like it was a massive production. Huge crowds, great lighting (including a keyboardist with an LED top!) and what seems like an overall stellar production. There is a deliberate, slow build up to this tune which might make you sweat, bite nails, or jump up in anticipation. This is what performance is all about. Faithless holds it all together and gives a masterful performance.  To be played at maximum volume particularly at the 3min. 50sec. mark for synth heaviness.

1. Faithless “God Is a DJ”

I realize that some might consider cheating using the same artist twice for a short list. But give this one a chance. If it doesn’t move you by 3min.50sec, maybe you’re a robot. In the meantime, make some room on the dance floor. I want to boogie! This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts. Peace and love to all.

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