I wrote a poem in honour of Auto-Tune. (Poetry)

Do you believe in life after auto-tune?

I really don’t think I’m strong enough, no.

When Cher did it first, it was kitsch,

now, wait, stop – don’t snitch

Like I got you babe was reliable

now it’s undeniable

the effect got faxed, cloned and photocopied across the airways

like a wildfire that burns and then re-returns

a virus not desirous

a quick producer fix that’s now nothing more than a dirty trick 

fast and sleazy like an easy bake oven for tracks

I’m straight tryin’ to get to the facts

It’s like napalm audio

I’m trying to stay calm oh

trying to tell us it’s cola when it’s really ebola

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works

like Daft Punk said just one more time – that got some perks

But now it just seems it’s breeding no talent

who forgot those that were most gallant?

Chuck D, KRS-One, Eric B & Rakim – Where are you?

We need the S1Ws

Forget the rap mumble we need a hero that doesn’t stumble

off their heads with Oxy,

shoulda never been let perform at the Roxy

we need clean lyrical hustlers that rumble

super sharp microphone controllers shootin’ real lyrics that kill

no more cheap thrills

If you can’t sing it back don’t bring it back

If you can’t rhyme with your voice 

we don’t have the time for poor choices

Because all the technology in the world can’t save your bad writing 

So quit the game stop with the hand wringing

To sort this shit out

we need to get the word out

Bring back the realness

we’ve had it with this weakness

Do I believe in life after auto-tune?

Hell yeah, I do.


For a full in depth history on the Auto-Tune phenomena, check out Pitchfork’s Simon Reynold’s article here.



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