A Brief History of The Fairytale of New York. (Music History)

When December approaches, is there a worrying glint in your eye, impossible to shake off?  Do you begin to decorate your home with varying bits of cut off plastic green simulated leaves? Silvery ribbons?  Maybe some tied up red bows? Is there a can of fake snow that you liberally spray about, as though it were an air freshener?Are you wearing a Santa hat? Is there an Elf on the Shelf, somewhere? Do you assemble some kind of torn out tree? Gather various accoutrement to place on said tree? Are there flashing lights connected by wire and plugged in to electrical sockets? Do they blink incessantly? Do you willingly play the same carols over and over again? Do you find yourself humming those same carols, even when they are not playing on a nearby sound system? Are you wearing one of those funny holiday sweaters that claim to be ironic? Even when they are no longer ironic?

If the answer is a resounding no to all of the above, then you may fall into the anti-Christmas camp. And if you are a member of this small, subversive gang, there might be a single gem of a tune you might not mind hearing this time of year. It is a track courtesy of The Pogues, and the track is known as the Fairytale of New York.

First released in 1987, the track took several years to make. Find out more on it’s illustrious history below, courtesy of Polyphonic.

And here’s the original video for the tune. Merry Christmas everyone!


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