Drones of Desire: Inside The Bid To Save The Planet Through Re-Forestation. (Technology)

It is no secret that there lies a rich history behind many technological marvels and roots in military funding. The smart phones that we hold so dear to us which we use to get around thanks to Google’s navigation system? That was thanks to GPS technology, originally meant to direct missiles to hit targets thousands of miles away.

And while many technologies might have since been co-opted for more benign functions than destroying entire countries, like ordering pizzas or a vaccum from Amazon, it’s always a true mark of innovation when something originally designed as a weapon gets the re-mix treatment and transforms into an instrument of creation.

Take the drone. Often also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV’s, they were originally invented in 1918 during the First World War and were essentially utilized as catapulting missiles thrown at the enemy with the goal of exploding on impact.

Fast forward to present day, and while drones are also still employed as weapons of war, they’ve also provided a more expanded array of functions, such as surveillance, search and rescue, photography, film and entertainment for some ambitious hobbyists.

Flash Forest is a Toronto based company that has taken drones one step further, utilizing them to tackle one of humanity’s greatest present day challenges – climate change. Flash Forest is one of several brave new companies that have figured out a way for drones to plant thousands of trees.

Check out their site here, and be sure to scroll down and explore the calculation feature to determine what your carbon footprint is. You can also make a donation to offset it today.

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