Scroll…Click. (Poetry)

even in a pandemic

this city never sleeps

streets clogged

with dangerous construction crews

from condominium cartels

military grade artillery shatters

foreman barking orders

like a jailhouse snitch

scroll, click

homeless ghosts

float by on sidewalks

almost invisible

scroll, click

uber driver hostage

zip tied steering

five star rating

proof of life

scroll, click

amazon box dropoff

stuffed with styrofoam

and empty promises

scroll, click

elevator paranoia

scroll, click

it’s hard to make the effort

with strangers anymore

when masks hide the reward

you didn’t know you were looking for

scroll, click

dogwalkers in a trance

glazed over look

matches the news anchor’s face

teleprompter horror

shielded by botox

and a dental plan

with whitening

scroll, click

emergency sirens screech

over heavy john carpenter synth lines

it’s the soundtrack

for this daymare

scroll, click

why do all essential workers

make minimum wage?

scroll, click

if photographs can trap souls

then zoom meetings

provide long term care

scroll, click

wall street bets are a sure thing

if you can cover the loss

scroll, click

addicted to false outrage

too numb to mobilize

scroll, click

spring coming soon

flowers no matter what

every good story

even if it’s bad

needs an ending


Poetry by Colm Hogan.

Featured Photograph courtesy of Quotagame on Pixabay



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