Why The Knife Cuts Deep. (Music)

I just discovered this video from a friend the other day and thought I would share it.
Why? The concept for it involves a tranny singing a trippy, banging tune in a football lodge in Sweden of all places. How cool is that? It just goes to show that you don’t need crazy camera movements and tired, played out million dollar lighting set-ups to create atmosphere. The director relies on the actor’s faces and the music to create it’s own mood and intensity. What comes out is sexy David Lynch weirdness that is both hypnotic and haunting.
Check it.
The Knife – Pass This On

And while we’re on the low budget, sexy and simple electronica tip, here are a couple more for you. Minimal camera movements, minimal lighting, just pure hotness.

Ben DJ ft. Sushy – Me and Myself (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) – Not sure if I like this track as much as the rest, but does it really matter? Not when everyone is in American Apparel it don’t. Love it.

Thunderheist (Jerk It) Just like Crystal Castles, another electronic Toronto Duo that rocks. Please visit, download and support.

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