Down With The Town Plus 3 Other Heist Movies That Rule. (Film)

Just saw The Town, and it’s another Casey Affleck winner. It’s based on a team of bank robbers living in an area of Boston with the highest occurring bank robberies in the States. Even in it’s slower moving, character building scenes, the movie bristles with tension. A stellar cast ignites with a tight script. Several of the bank robbery scenes reminded of some of my favourite heist movies of all time, including:

1. Michael Mann’s Heat. With Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer. Containing one of the best bank robbery shoot out scenes in the history of cinema. Highly realistic and terrifying with a pulsating soundtrack (Brian Eno’s Force Marker) that mirrors your elevated heart rate. Embedding has been disabled by youtube, to watch the extended robbery/shootout scene in HD click here, or below for the trailer.

2. Roger Avary’s Killing Zoe, starring Eric Stoltz, although his french co-star (Jean-Hugues Anglade) almost steals the show. A safecracker flies to Paris to pull a job with a childhood friend.

And there’s a car chase through the narrow streets of Charlestown in The Town, that rivals some of the car chases in:

3. Ronin. Once again Robert DeNiro stars, this time in a John Frankenheimer film. Old School action in Europe where a group of professionals are hired to steal a mysterious case. Here’s one of the car chase scenes.

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