Strange Love. (Culture)

Strange love
Strange highs and strange lows
Strange love
That’s how my love goes
– Depeche Mode, Strange love.

In this holiday season, one realizes the importance of human relationships. Particularily close friends, lovers and family. But what about those people out there without them? How do they seek out love and companionship? Many of them sometimes, it seems, give up on pursuing the real thing, and find synthetic alternatives. Here are three documentaries that focus on these people, seeking the same love, for different reasons.

My Fake Baby examines the phenomenon of women who buy “reborn dolls”; lifelike newborn babies, where you can select hair/eye colour, dress them up, and push prams just like the real thing, without having to stay up all night listening to them cry.

Guys and Dolls looks at the realdoll fetish. If you haven’t heard of them realdoll is a company that makes life-like, anatomically correct female (and now also male) dolls. This documentary explores and follow the lives of some of the men in “relationships” with these dolls.

Finally, I Married the Eiffel Tower centers on several women who have the so-called “objectum sexual” condition; that is they fall in love with physical objects, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a roller coaster.

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