The Rorshach Test. (Culture)

The Rorshach test is a psychological test developed by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach (pictured above) to determine people’s personalities based on their interpretations of random ink blots. It is still used today, and considered useful with regards to deciphering the complicated minds of reluctant patients.

One such patient with a highly probable personality disorder would be Rorshach himself; that is, from the Watchmen series. If you haven’t read the graphic novel, or seen the movie, you really should. It is really one of the most dark and beautiful of the superhero related genre. And Rorshach just happens to be one of the coolest characters in the series.

Here is a clip that features the origins of Rorshach, courtesy of

And here is what inspired this entry to begin with. It’s a step by step methodology on how to make your own Rorshach mask, so save it for next Halloween, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have an upcoming New Year’s dress up party.

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