A Public Service Announcement from G.I. Joe. (Television)

Like many other kids that grew up in the 80s, I was addicted to G.I. Joe. I collected the comic books, the action figures, and watched the cartoon on TV every week. My friends and I would dress up in military gear and play G.I. Joe, fashioning branches from trees as weapons. So it was with great joy that I discovered the PSA re-mixes made in 2002. You see, in the 80s, the G.I.Joe cartoon contained PSA’s fulfilling an educational requirement from Hasbro, with general safety tips and the iconic catch phrase; “And Knowing is Half the battle! G.I. Joe!” Then in 2003, Chicago-based filmmmaker Eric Fensler made his own re-mixes with the voices of him and his friends. The videos were some of the first to go viral, and are brilliant, surreal, strange and hilarious, all at once.

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