Ex Machina: A Hero We Can All Use Right Now. (Graphic Novel)


Although, like alot of other kids, I grew up on a steady diet of comic books, I switched from reading them to watching great tv shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X files in my teens. So for the most part, with the exception of The Watchmen, my foray into graphic novels is pretty limited, until a few weeks ago. I found myself aimlessly wandering around my local Salvation Army on a Saturday looking for whimsical shot glasses (with no luck) when I found a stack of glossy Ex Machinas on the counter. I bought the first 10 copies for 2 bucks a piece; a bargain in my books. I’ve just finished reading them, and wanted to share how good they are with all of you.


Ex Machina tells the story of Mitchell Hundred; a superhero that can talk to machines, who eventually becomes the mayor of New York City. It’s a really superb story written by award winning author Brian K. Vaughn as a series of flashbacks and including actual events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and tons of thorny political issues like gay marriage and abortion. The artwork is equally enthralling and immersive, courtesy of co-creator Tony Harris. Although the film rights were intially in the hands of New Line Cinema, they are now back in the hands of the original creators, so if they ever made a movie out of the series, it might actually be good. In the meantime, check out the series for yourself by going here. These days, with mayors like the ones we have, we could all use a superhero. Even if they are fictional.

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