A Self-Portrait of an Artist Under The Influence: Bryan Lewis Saunders. (Art)


You may have heard of Bryan Saunders. He’s that crazy American artist that did a bunch of self-portraits, each one on a different kind of drug, from anything like meth and coke, to even crazier stuff like bath salts and lighter fluid. Although this particular art project is what catapulted him to fame, he still lives in poverty, and as the Guardian‘s Jon Ronson found out, there is so much more to this complex and troubled artist than those drug fuelled portraits.
I’m hoping the Guardian will eventually upload the video portion to youtube, as I can’t embed their video, until then, check out the story and video here.

The above painting was under the influence of Abilify / Xanax / Ativan. Then below in order of appearance: bath salts, Butane Honey Oil, Crystal Meth. To see them all, check out his site.




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