2013 No Pants Subway Ride. (Fashion/Culture)

No Pants Subway Ride4

In case you haven’t heard, the No Pants Subway Ride was last Sunday. If you missed out; fear not, we’ve got the footage to review the various undergarments of people, young and old, rich or poor from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This event has been running from 2002 and has since blown up all over the world, with 25 cities in 60 countries taking part. Check out the NYC video below, along with some pictures from around the world. I think my favourite is the Batman underwear. Now I know what to ask for next Christmas.

No Pants Subway Ride5

No Pants Subway Ride6

No Pants Subway Ride7

Pics courtesy of Cool Material. Not sure which ones were taken by whom, so here’s the complete list of sources: Alberto Reyes, mkc609, asterix611,EJP Photo, candidecoating. Instagram users: willcharles, edfcarrasco, mathhattan, astallone, barreradm1975, bigxay, joeypk12, nanacee814, jaimesamantha, phillyphresh, jbroadie91, kevvasquez, tkbarros15, laurenap9143, lucyjumper, missmojojojo333, reallyallyson, shr1mpch1p

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