12 Insanely Cool Movies To Look out for in 2013. (Film)


Now that we’re almost all back to work and broke from the holidays, why not check out some cool trailers for some movies coming our way this year? There’s no particular order to this list, and I’m no psychic; some of these movies might actually end up sucking; but I think at least they look cool at first glance. Also, I’m apologizing in advance for the number of sequels in the list, but whatever man, it’s Hollywood.

12. Man of Steel

Superman is undoubtedly the all time classic superhero that everyone loves, but can this film deliver? With Christopher Nolan (Inception, Dark Knight) producing, and Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) directing, this reboot of the series looks pretty free of potential kryptonite.

11. The World’s End

The World’s End re-unites director Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They’ve worked on a number of projects together in the past including a really funny comedy series called Spaced (if you haven’t seen it yet, dig it up- it’s a treat), Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. No trailer yet, but check out a recent interview Simon Pegg gave about the upcoming film.

10. The Prototype

This could very well turn out to be an awful film, but I’m really digging the sound and visuals in the trailer. Plus I think I just spotted Henry Rollins hunting for a robot in an SUV with Neal McDonough in it. Sweet! Could be a fun ride.

9. Kick Ass 2

Based on the comic Kick Ass, this sequel is directed by Jeff Wadlow and co-produced by Matthew Vaughn who directed the first film. No trailer yet, but here’s a great clip from the original film of the first day in the life of an aspiring super hero.

8. Wrong

This one actually made my 2012 movie list, but ended up getting a delayed release for North America, it should be out soon. It may very well be the most interesting and unique films on this list. Directed by Quentin Dupieux, who also brought us Rubber, a film about a rubber tire.

7. Trance

This is a film about an art auctioneer, a criminal gang and a hypnotherapist that tries to recover the stolen piece. But all that really matters is it’s got Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, The Beach, Trainspotting) directing it, with Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson and James McAvoy. Looks hype.

6. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Sometimes I feel like I was the only one that loved the original – it was just so dark, dangerous, sexy and violent all at once. Just like the original, this one will be directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. It’s based on the second book in the Sin City comic book series by Frank Miller. I am super looking forward to the sequel… no trailer yet unfortunately, so in the meantime, check out the preview for the original film.

5. Elysium

Neill Blomkamp‘s eagerly awaited followup to his smash hit District 9. Should be pretty awesome. The film, featuring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, involves a futuristic society where two classes of people exist; those that have everything they need, living on some space station, and those fighting for scraps below on the surface of the planet.

4. Danny Says

Interesting documentary about Danny Fields, a fixture in the underground NYC music scene in the seventies. Fields was a Harvard law school dropout that eventually became a pioneer in punk rock, and went on to work with everyone from the Stooges to the Ramones. Check out a promo for it here.


A provocative look at everyone’s favourite file sharing site; The Pirate Bay and directed by Simon Klose. The film was partially funded by the Swedish government, and follows the founders going to war with Hollywood. Featuring a creative commons license, it will be available for everyone to download for free. If you want to chip in to the filmmakers, you can order a DVD. Awesome!

2. Star Trek into Darkness

Let’s face it, the last Star Trek, was such an enjoyable film. JJ Abrams did such a great job at rebooting a series that often had a few flops at the box office.
If it’s anything like the last one, then it should totally rule. Even if it’s in 3D. This one seems to have darker tone, with a powerful enemy attacking Starfleet and Captain Kirk coming in to save the day.

1. Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen…Canonball!!!
– Ron Burgundy, Anchorman.

I think the first one is one of my favourite comedies of all time… right up there with Airplane! and The Naked Gun… hope this one’s another classic. I look forward to memorizing another script and being that annoying guy reciting lines for years to come.
I love lamp.

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