Hot New Track: IYES – Lighthouse – DrDr’s House Remix.(Music Review)

dr dr

I first posted something from these cats a little while back. They released this amazeballs track called Addicted, which I almost immediately; funnily enough, became addicted to. Then it was mysteriously taken down. It broke my heart, and after weeks of confused angst, I eventually woke up in some re-hab clinic somewhere in Mexico. One day, after finding my way home, I read somewhere on the interwebz they were gonna re-release it. If and when it gets out there, please someone email me. I’m still going through withdrawals. In the meantime, here is something they dropped yesterday that should ease the pain. It’s very good.

And here’s something I just stumbled on. I can’t believe it’s been out for this long and I’m just hearing it now. This re-mix is just plain sick. Rewind Selectah! This.Is.My.New.Favourite.Thing.!!!!!

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