Hot New Tracks: DrDr, Nightwave & Trill Murray.(Music Review)

I’ve got an interesting selection this time. While they all may strictly lie in the electronica genre, each track has a very different distinct style and feel to them. Shouts out to midnightxdrive for the beats.

DrDr – Addicted.
When you’ve got deep, dark soulful vocals that harken back to the days of soul and disco, you need little else, and thankfully, that’s all we get here – just a stripped down bassline that adds some punctuation when needed. Garage is brought back to life and time traveled into 2012 thanks to a brand new flux capacitor courtesy of DrDr.

Nightwave – For You

Sweet, disciplined underwater lounge beach house on amphetamines comes with gorgeous mojito vocals that are laced with something potent that kicks in about 2 minutes into the song and keeps building.

Trill Murray – Lust (2 Have Sex 2)
You know in episodes of the Twilight Zone where the dude is floating from one dimension into the next and he’s going through space and time and seeing all kinds of crazy visuals? Well this track kind of reminded me of that, only it’s a way sexier journey.

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