Hot New Tracks: Capitan Commodore, Zitan & Eplp. (Music Review)


Zitan – Frame
Zitan is a musician based out of New Zealand, but claims to be from a swamp in Mirkwood, the fictional forest from J.R.R. Tolkien‘s world. It’s an appropriate setting for this mystical track. A perfect blend of ambient staggered beats and haunting vocals with organic guitar that somehow manages to tie it all together flawlessly.

Capitan Commodore – Cats and Triangles
Clocking in at a total running time of 8 minutes, Cats & Triangles is not only a monster of a track; it’s completely dream like. I’m talking about when someone goes into a coma, and dreams for like 2 years. Exercise some caution here folks…make sure someone knows where you are… you can get lost in it very easily. Capitan Commodore aka Mariusz Socha is a London, UK artist who also has a website here, it is very worthwhile checking out as well. It not only features some super cool graphics, but it’s also got an interactive interface where users can create their own beats.

Eplp – Uh Oh!
Snappy, bouncy beats peppered with chopped up vocal samples and the occasional housey keyboard riff, Eplp‘s (hailing from Bristol, UK) Uh Oh! delivers some fresh new vibes. It’s a perfect blend of future garage that does what it’s supposed to. So bop your head up and down, move your feet and snap out of your December funk. Get up and dance punks, because life is too goddamn short.

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