Hot New Videos/Tracks: Snakehips, Charli XCX Remix, Bhok & SoundSystem91. (Music Review)

Snakehips – Days With U
If someone had a massive computer and extracted all of the ingredients that make summer awesome when you were a kid, and then spit it out like a spaghetti meat grinder into a multi-coloured plastic Fisher Price 8 Track player, you would end up getting something like this tune. The video contains skateboarding clips from the 80s, and Larry Clark kids reaching for higher ground, which makes total sense. Plus there are boobs at the end.18+ NSFW (due to partial nudity/drug use)
UPDATE – They pulled the video for some reason, but here’s on & On; same vibe.

Charli XCX – You’re The One (Odd Future’s The Internet ft. Mike G Remix)
Directed by Claire Boyo and Ryan Andrews, this video feels like it was done by an art student that took too much acid while watching a combination of that late night show on Muchmusic from the 80s called City Limits and wacky rave videos from the 90s. The remix track courtesy of Odd Future‘s The Internet and Mike G make this soooo much better than the original. For these reasons, this track is great, although I would love to hear another re-mix with just the last 40 seconds of the song some day.

Bhok – Glacier
This track courtesy of Bhok is aptly named Glacier; it’s cool, crisp, mellow and dangerously unpredictable. Tragically emotional audio loops get peppered by synth lines and bouncing bass that punctuate and heighten the fine line between tension and safety.

Soundsystem91 – Party Time (Music’s so Wonderful)
Soundsystem91 is actually 21 year old Iain Gerrard hailing from Toronto. I actually met Iain at an old school Reunited party on Queen West. Back then he was throwing illegal raves around the city, and I ended up interviewing him for my other project Sketched Out. Oh yeah, and he also makes kick ass early 90s inspired tunes. Like this instant breakbeat classic that captures the raw, unbridled enthusiasm of the early rave days. Just in time for another wicked weekend of summer hijinks. It’s party time!

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