Hot New Tracks – The Freshest of the Fresh: Re-Edits, Remixes & Mashups.(Music Review)


I hate long weekends. It’s not that I don’t love holidays, because I do. If there is anyone that takes any chance they can get to stay in bed for as long as humanly possible it’s me. If I had it my way, I’d be in bed eating bbq flavoured Ringolos all day. It’s just that I have this horrible habit of losing track of time, and not discovering it’s a long weekend until it’s too late to make any kind of plans like a regular person would. So once again, like an old age spinster, I find myself home alone again on a Saturday night. But that’s ok. My brother brought be back this amazing bottle of rum from the Dominican Republic, and I just discovered these new tunes below. Life is good, hombres.

Aaron Broomfield – Miss Ya (VinylAddicted Soul-Stretching Edit)

It’s fresh, it’s funky. If this was any more relaxed, it would be in a coma. From the Broomfield 1981 classic courtesy of the very talented VinylAddicted peeps. There isn’t anything here that shouldn’t be there.

Cosmos Universal Band-Third Eye (VinylAddicted Extended POV)
Another VinylAddicted gem, this one is from Cosmos Universal Band from somewhere in the mid 70s, and is apparently orignally from a very rare 7″, making this maybe an even more enjoyable track to groove out too. Originally written by Clyde Stozier and Curtis Stozier.

Ella & Duke – Caravan (Grant Lazlo remix)
I gotta say, this may very well be my personal favourite off this post. I dare you, naw man, I triple dare you not to turn this up after the 5 second mark. It’s deadly horned out bassline is only overshadowed by the commanding, golden voice of Ella Fitzgerald. Then some scratches get thrown in there with some samples and it’s all like whoa man… you got me. It’s really tricky to remix a classic like this one, so major kudos go to Grant Lazlo.

Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Raymond & Hayes Remix)
This song has been sampled to death in a million other tracks from house, to hip hop to everything in between. It’s just nice to hear the original vocals in their entirety. The simple, haunting, stripped down bassline goes well with the original full on badassery of classic hip hop. It’s intense, smooth and slick. Makes me wanna find my Kangol and clunky gold chain.

Koschy – I’m in Love Again
Last track, totally different genre, I know, but I need something to motivate me to get out of bed. Besides, I’m all out of Ringolos.

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