Hot New Music/Videos: Major Lazer, Pillowtalk + Mak & Pasteman.(Music Review)

Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ feat. Amber (of Dirty Projectors)
Futuristic post-apocalyptic science fiction animation epicness that is beautiful, sad and awesome all at once.

PillowTalk – Sunny (Original Mix)
Another great track to chill with your friends on a patio with. This re-mix from Pillowtalk is of the classic 1966 track from Bobby Hebb.

Mak & Pasteman – Do The Same
This video demonstrates what I’ve always understood to be true; you don’t need a million bucks to shoot a video. Here we have everyday elements like water droplets and driving at night that match the beat perfectly. The only thing that rivals the video here is the song itself, which is a big big tune, so crank the speakers for this one. It’s a banger, and over six minutes long. Proper!

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