Hot New Video: Spank Rock Feat. Santigold: Car Song.(Music Review)

From the awesomely entitled album Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A F—ing Liar, this video was just dropped last week. It’s a gorgeous track that reminds me of an electronic laced X-rated version of Outkast with better lyrics. The video is kind of on the conservative tip direction wise, oh, except for the end with the nude blond body painting twins. But let’s face it, this track is so killer, I would happily watch it with a blank screen in front of me.

BONUS TRACK: Handsome Furs: Memories From the Future

And speaking of blank screens, this track doesn’t have a video yet, but it’s the second best thing I’ve heard this week, so I just had to include it in this post. It’s an electronic outfit out of Montreal, and they kind of have this Junior Boys/New Order thing going on. Delicious synths that will make your brain pop. My favourite kind of audio cereal.

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